Behind the scenes of “EXILAND”

VOIC HUB metaverse gallery is a strategic partner. And the metaverse space there Exiland AI exhibition will take place.

VOIC HUB is not just a digital gallery, it is an emerging international community of people from the world of art and technology, these are researchers, people with their own position, these are new names in art, and a detachment from conservative relationships in the art environment.
“We created the VOIC HUB space to build an invisible bridge between the concepts of web2 and web3, to provide an opportunity to collaborate, create exhibitions and educational events by the community, not by centralized institutions”, commented Vanya Yunitskiy, Founder VOIC HUB.


Behind the scenes of “EXILAND” AI exhibition in Metaverse. Each artist has his own thematic area.

Metaverse Exhibition