Exiland is a virtual space & ecosystem, which connects interactive third person gaming and VR technologies with an immersive user / visitor experience of art.

Transcending geographical boundaries and creating a unique immersive experience for the visitors in a captivating gaming format. Virtualization technologies, such as laptops, smartphones, Apple Vision Pro, Oculus, visitors can fully immerse themselves and personally experience art by reading, listening, connecting, touching or playing.
Exiland Mission is to connect creative and art-interested people everywhere in the world to experience art as an immersive adventure by connecting third person gaming and virtualization technologies.

Exiland Goal is to transcend geographical boundaries, make social impact projects and build a global art community through connective virtual space.
Products & initiatives
Exiland products

  • Full circle production: AR / VR / Metaverse
  • Promo-projects for companies, brands, institutions, ambassadors
  • Curatorial, Marketing and Design support
  • Social Impact Projects

Exiland initiatives

  • Decentralized VR exhibitions
  • Exiland Club & Community
  • Digital Art talks, Twitter Spaces, presentations
  • Open Calls for AI Cyber Grant (for artists and creators)