ODYSSEY. VILLA CIRCE is Homer's story of Odysseus’s travels, of the tribes he met, of monsters, chimeras, and gods is surprisingly relevant today. We live among contemporary myths of cyborgs, genetic experiments and mutants, research into immortality, environmental disasters and myths of humanity’s proximity to the gods.

ODYSSEY. VILLA CIRCE, the first of nine episodes.
The project will be released as
• VR experience, ~15 min
• Video installation (single- and multichannel versions)
• Separate fragments will be released as NFT

ODYSSEY. VILLA CIRCE is an interactive VR experience where AES+F interprets the world of Homer’s heroes as if they were alive today, including humanity’s hopes and fears about the future. A feminist sorceress, owner of a wonderful collection of modern art, living in a luxurious villa on the Mediterranean coast, turns the beautiful young men accompanying Odysseus into pig-like mutants. Project serves as a bridge between cultural and historical contexts and the current social agenda.
ODYSSEY. Villa Circe is a collaborative project:
AES+F, SAINT D Studio, and Exiland
ODYSSEY. Villa Circe intertwines Homer's classical poem with contemporary issues—existential, gender, and environmental. It presents these concerns to the audience through vibrant visual art, prompting a societal dialogue and encouraging meaningful discussions.
Together with 3D generalist Kirill Klochkov we are developing a prototype of the VR-experience ODYSSEY. VILLA CIRCE”. Visitors can explore the preview scene created in Unreal Engine, discover the location, read about the project and immerse into the Odyssey's atmosphere by walking through the Sicilian villa in the magical world.
Denis Semenov, Exiland co-founder and Creative Producer of the project

ODYSSEY. Villa Circe employs VR technologies as a narrative conduit. The project offers an immersive experience, appealing to emotions and fostering visual communication.
On April 29, 2023, guests of the AES+F studio in Berlin were able to see the first video trailer for the project "ODYSSEY, VILLA CIRCE'" and an interactive toolbar. The artists' residence was visited by representatives of galleries and art curators, including Marcin Kotlovsky, General Director of the Vienna Holding, Anna Ignatovich and some others. The event was held as part of the Berlin Gallery Weekend.

ODYSSEY. VILLA CIRCE is planned to be exhibited at exhibitions in museums and galleries, the biennale of contemporary art, as well as at film festivals and NFT exhibitions.
The world famous artistic group AES+F was founded as AES in 1987 by T. Arzamasova, L. Evzovich and E. Svyatsky; with the addition of V. Friedkes in 1995, it became AES+F. The group works at the intersection of traditional media, photography, installation, video and digital technologies. The team is also working on scenography for the theatre. The practice of AES+F is a kind of social psychoanalysis through which the group explores the global values, vices and conflicts of contemporary culture.

AES+F achieved worldwide recognition and exposure in the Russian Pavilion at the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007 with their first multi-channel video installation, "Last Riot" (2007). The next two projects — "The Feast of Trimalchio" (2009) and "Allegoria Sacra" (2011) — were also shown at the Biennale in Venice, Sydney, Moscow and others. AES+F presented its next multi-channel video project "Inverso Mundus" (2015) at the 56th Venice Biennale, the 4th Kochi-Muziris Biennale, the 1st Bangkok Biennale and several others. The group released its first mixed reality installation "Psychosis" in 2017.

The latest multichannel video installation "Turandot 2070" (2021) was presented at the Jeonnam Museum of Art in South Korea in 2021.

Countries of production
Germany, France
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