AI Cyber Grant for creative people in exile
Our Mission — Democratization of art through AI tools for creators of the present and future beyond borders and countries.
These days are marked by an unprecedented increase in the number of people who find themselves in a situation of impossibility to return to their homeland due to wars, repressions, destroyed houses and cities. Among those affected by the tragedy, there are many artists — those who created and continue to create new worlds, ideas, and approaches to production, distribution and perception of digital art. All of them are creators of the future outside the borders of any country. Our goal is to unite and support artists / creators., S1ntdns, VOIC HUB and Phygital+ announce a crypto-grant to support those who have been forced to leave their homes, but continue to create art and develop connections within the community — stronger than ever.
Welcome to our web3 community beyond borders, countries and nationalities.
"Art in Exile" AI Exhibition in Metaverse
To help people in exile we are raising crypto fund for artists / creators by selling NFT's
February – March 2023
Who can apply
  • You are an artist / creator
  • You are in a situation of impossibility to return to your homeland due to wars, repressions, destroyed house or city.

Winners will get

  • Crypto Money. The grant can be used for life or creativity: we will be happy if this crypto money goes to your education, software for work or paying for an apartment in a new country.
  • Highlight of the artist and artworks
  • Exhibition on the metaverse platform
  • Phygital+ AI Creative tool subscription
  • Join art community, lectures and educational program
    We are welcoming creators of any nationality from any country!
    How will the voting take place?
    Join project as a partner or sponsor and participate in voting
    • Voting for artists will be done via transparent DAO system
    • We will award three to five creators. Results will be announced on this page in the beginning of March.
    • design studio
    • Artistic metaverse space with creative community, digital web gallery and lecture hall
    • Node-based AI tool for creators to work with neural networks without code
    • Denis Semionov