About the exhibition
Our Mission — Democratization of art through AI tools for creators of the present and future beyond borders and countries.
Today, thousands of artists have been forced to leave their hometowns for various reasons — wars, discrimination, censorship, repressions and so on. Many of them are forced to start life from scratch. EXILAND is the exhibition to express not only loss, but also hope. Hope for changing our future using the power and synergy of the global art community.

Exiland is also an initiative that brings together artists, creators and producers around the world. This artistic union provides a platform and a club to engage with a global audience. Exiland members are united by the desire to push the boundaries of art and technology beyond censorship and political restrictions in order to explore new ways of creating and sharing digital art.

For Visitors
Exhibition in Metaverse accessible from:
PC, Smartphone or VR Glasses.
  1. Visitors will enter the exhibition as an avatars
  2. Visitors can buy NFT's and donate
  3. Money raised during the exhibition will be donated to support AI Cyber Grant
• Lev Manovich • Peter Theremin • Genesis Kai• Jiabao Li • Snow Yunxue Fu • Veroduplex • Anna Matiets • Pauline Marcelle • Inverse • S1ntdns • Julia Gromova • Yana Kuzmina
Lev Manovich
Lev Manovich
Genesis Kai•
Genesis Kai•
Snow Yunxue Fu
Snow Yunxue Fu
AI Cyber Grant

This exhibition is non-profit and aims to support artists / creators who find themselves today in a situation of impossibility to return to their homeland and have to start their life from the new page in a new country. To help people in exile we are raising a web3 fund for artists / creators.