Lev Manovich
Lev Manovich is a world-renown innovator and top influencer in many fields, including media theory, digital humanities, cultural analytics, and media art. He was born in Moscow and immigrated to US in 1981. Manovich’s digital art projects were shown in over 110 international exhibitions in Centre Pompidou, ICA London, ZKM, KIASMA, and other leading venues. Lev Manovich is a Presidential Professor at The Graduate Center, City University of New York, and a Director of the Cultural Analytics Lab. He was included in the list of "25 People Shaping the Future of Design" and the list of "50 Most Interesting People Building the Future". He is an author of 180 articles and 15 books that include Cultural Analytics, Instagram and Contemporary Image, and The Language of New Media described as "the most suggestive and broad-ranging media history since Marshall McLuhan."
Peter Theremin
Thereminist, composer, head Russian Theremin School, organizer of the Thereminology festival of the theremin culture, creator of the first Russian-language theremin portal and blog "Theremin Today", great-grandson of Lev Theremin.

Works with the theremin in the genres: classical, modern, electronic and improvisational music.

Head and creator of the Russian Theremin School (the only theremin school in Europe and the territory of the post-Soviet space), author of lecture series on the history of electronic music Leads an active teaching activity, author of the special course "Theremin in 24 hours", the project "St. Petersburg and Moscow Theremin Orchestra" (theremin orchestras debuted at GEEC PICNIC 2015). More
Genesis Kai
Genesis Kai, is a Nova Sapien, the next evolved genus of mankind, an artist born from the fusion of artificial intelligence and human tactile senses acquired through her homo sapien creator.

Though she is imbued with parts of her creator’s soul, Genesis Kai exists autonomously as an independent virtual artist without being bound by the rules of time and space as her art and existences intersect digital environments such as a metaverse, and the physical reality of life. Her values and persona will continue to evolve using art as a form of self reflection to grow.

Genesis may not exist in flesh and blood, but the stories she tells through the universal language of art are very real. With the support and partnerships of the DSLcollection, ImmersiveKIND and more, her art will continue to push the boundaries of how she creates narratives with the human touch. More
Jiabao Li
Jiabao Li creates works addressing climate change, interspecies world sharing, humane technology, and a just, sustainable future. Her mediums include wearable, robot, AR/VR, projection, performance, software, and installation. In Jiabao's TED Talk, she uncovered how technology mediates the way we perceive reality. She is a member of NEW INC by the New Museum and ONX Studio. Jiabao is a Tenure Track Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at Austin. Her lab explores the intersection of art, design, technology, and biology. The interests are broadly spanning from interspecies co-creation to knowledge graph, from Biosensors to menstrual blood proteomes. She is co-founder and chief product officer of Peregrine Biosense and previously of Snapi Health. She serves on juries for major design awards such as IDSA, D&AD, Biodesign Challenge, etc. More
Snow Yunxue Fu
Snow Yunxue Fu is a New Media Artist, Curator, and Assistant Arts Professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Institute of Emerging Media. Working with imaging technologies, such as 3D Simulation, AR, XR, and the Metaverse, she creates computer-rendered images, moving images, interactive projects, installations, etc, and merges sociological, anthropological, philosophical, and interdisciplinary explorations into the universal aesthetic and definitive nature of the techno sublime. Her practice is rooted in a post-photographic framework, researching societal relationships with imaging and VR experiences within a web 2.0 and now 3.0 context. Her practice also echoes the investigations of historical Chinese and Western painters who peered into the implications of our capacity to experience the sublime in nature. With a background in traditional Chinese and Western abstract painting, Fu saw her transition a decade ago into new media as a natural extension of her technical and conceptual research. More
Denis Semionov (S1ntdns)
Artist, illustrator, deals with new technologies in art. Projects participated in Cannes NEXT Marche du Film, Berlinale, SXSW, Raindance and were awarded Open Frame Award (2018), Epica Awards (2019), Webby Awards (2020), nominated for Emmy Awards 2021. Denis collaborated with such brands and institutions as Biennale Cinema, WorldSkills, Deutsche Film Institute, Institut Francais, Arts Council England, Moscow Jewish Museum, brands — Absolut, Leica, Estée Louder, Samsung, performers, scientists, musicians — Deborah Frances-White, Samantha Alcon, Pranav Mistry etc. One of the latest project "Once A Glacier" nominated for Webby Awards.
Anna Matiets
Hi, I’m Anna Matiets (a.k.a. Ahopps), a twenty-year-old VR-artist and art historian student. Recently I gave my two first lectures: one was about digital art in common and another one was specifically dedicated to VR art. On top of that, in November I was a host at the Cyber Attack Conference.
Pauline Marcelle
Pauline Marcelle, born in Dominica, West Indies lives and works in Vienna, Austria. She works in a range of media including painting, sculpture, video and installation. Her artworks explore matters of human behaviour, the reflection on human interactions and the influential impact of their social andmental environments. Themes of consumption, sustainability and resilience engage Marcelle’s works and are concerned with the visual and mental content of human needs, lust and desire, exalting identity, existence and the celebration of Black bodies. More
Alexey Severin (Inverse)
Digital Artist working with various media: AR&VR, animation, 3d sculpture. Personal work exhibited at Art Future Zagreb 2022, Digital Art Month (New York 2021, Paris 2021 & 2022), Ars Electronica 2021, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2020, BAIFFF 2020. AR work was featured on Lens Studio official website and appeared in The Verge, Mashable and other media. Long-term collaborator of Recycle Group powering digital aspects of their projects including 57th Venice Biennale, Centre Pompidou pirate exhibition and Louis200 initiative for Louis Vuitton. Strives to blur lines between physical and digital realities, believing in a non-dystopian digital future.
Julia Tet
independent curator, founder of ARTTET, the project of creative initiatives; producer of Pink Metaverse October - web 3.0 project devoted to the fight #againstbreastcancer; producer of International Forum of Creative Industries Art-Werk, supported by Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Goethe Institut, winner of the grant during Year of Germany (project Laboratory of Club Video and Experimental Music). Founder of the festival Russian Contemporary Art Week (Berlin 2015). Worked with Goethe Institut, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, EU Delegation, Universität der Künste Berlin, Lumas Gallery. Organized International Forums, Festivals, Exhibitions and international educational projects in Creative Industries.
Yana Kuzmina
15+ years In digital marketing.
Curator blockchain-based & crypto-art projects.
Founder Design Studio ArtCats. de
Collaborations with the Virtual Theatre Lab "Zero Gravity, a new Off-Broadway show with the appearance of Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Vladislav Dostavalov
Vladislav Dostavalov is a digital artist, musician and creative producer from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He is engaged in generative art, plays in post-metal band Flyin Up, produced an immersive multimedia festival in Tashkent. In generative art he explores the limits of "imagination" of AI and their perception by humans.